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Do you work in the Online Business?

Excellent commissions

If you have a business or personal site or a blog, and look for promotions that offer up to 30% commission and excellent conversions, eFloraShop has the right product for you!

The best conversions

eFloraShop boasts one of the best conversions in the industry, also all orders are processed with great care from our local florists eFlora located around the world. In this way we guarantee on-time deliveries, always fresh fresh and the best value for money!

The advantages of our program

eFloraShop provides excellent solutions for its affiliates to place on their website, the brand eFloraShop, banners, products and links. The widget will also be offered advanced and scripts to connect directly to our store on its site, a cookie back to 90 days that allow you to identify visitors returning to the site to make new purchases.

Who is eFlorashop.com?

After more than 10 years of experience, eFloraShop has become the site with the best value for money for the delivery of flowers in the world. We work with local florists and shop owners eFlora that we select with care in order to always keep the promise to send fresh flowers of the highest quality on time. We are only satisfied if our customers are 100% satisfied.

Why eFlorashop.com is growing?

Our success is based on an attractive web page, in 5 languages and with the local prices of the destination. We advertise only the flowers that we know we can deliver with the standards of freshness and quality that we have set. We are also recognized for our high quality customer service: over 99% of our customers are satisfied with the experience of buying from eFloraShop.com!

Work with us

Online sales of flowers is a market which increased its turnover from year to year,
eFlora's turnover is growing by an average of 15% each year, one of the few world markets that do not suffer from the current market crisis.
In addition, the network added unique services to eFlora including the delivery of fresh flowers and cake and night delivery.

eFloraShop offers various business solutions and of work for those who want to earn just by using our global platform that is currently for a private public in all countries of the world, without any other kind of managing problems, but only earning the percentage of each net order carried out thanks to you and your visible work.
For more information, please contact one of our business partner who will show the potential gain of our system, which has no joining fees and focuses solely on sales strategy.

eFloraShop offer 3 types of solutions

Web marketing solution, Store solution, Website solution

Web marketing solution

This solution consists in the production of some banners developed by us with an integrated system of user recognition.

What does it mean?
These banners are encoded with the internal code assigned to your company, if you have a personal web site or other sites promoting or performing well targeted marketing campaigns, you can earn up to up to 60% of the transactions. Banners are not only simple banner ads, but they have custom code, a program which combines the banners to a specific account and, when a user completes a transaction, the total will be recorded on your account and will be calculated in your actual earnings.

Not only that: the banner is like a program, that records the IP address of the customer who placed the order, and if the same customer places an order even after some time has passed or directly with eFloraShop, your percentage will always be assured. Your customers "earned" with your talent will be your customers forever.
No other company offers you so much!
Without managing anything, but only with your skill to strategically place the banner to complete the customers' purchases.

In addition, the percentage increases with the volume of orders, the more skilled you are in the visibility of the banners, the more your earn.

Reference rates
1 to 5 orders per day for 30% of the net
5 to 10 orders a day for 50% of the net
Over 10 orders a day for 60% of the net

For more information please contact us, your earning will be secured forever, with no net tax or additional expense, and directly credited to your account.

This type of plan is suitable for those with busy websites or those who want to invest in web marketing and for who has the ability to competently manage circuits and web banners.

For more information, please contact one of our business partner so that he or she will show you the potential earning of our system, no joining fees, but focusing solely on sales strategy.

Store solution

We have also created a way to work and earn with us outside of the web.
Store service solution: proposed structures on paper, display board, books, displays, and printed advertising material.
With the ability to place your order instantly through a simple text message by managing coupon codes that will be issued to the operator who joins the service.

Your advantages are to be managed without any charges, investments or management on your part.
The customer sees the promotion, clicks a particular bunch of flowers in the catalog, you buy the coupon code, send a text message with the code, and eFlora will contact him immediately and proceed to complete your order.
This system may be required by operators where there is a high visibility and traffic. Gas stations, airports, stations, shopping centers, but also tobacco stores, small stores, associations, government agencies, hotels and accommodation facilities. The advertising material to attract the user to the service will be provided free of charge by eFlora, you don't have to do or buy anything, but earn only on the sale of the service that the customers will buy. Giving flowers is always a unique and beautiful gesture of great effect, so our department has given an example of excellent results.

For more detailed information, please contact one of our business partners who will show you the earning potential of our system, no operating costs and focusing only on sales strategy.

Website solution

The web solution gives you the ability to integrate our platform on your website.

If you want to create a website to advertise and sell flowers online you can count on an integrated platform directly from your website to your property.
You can use our shopping cart, our flowers and our management, you only need to deal with the promotion and positioning of your site on search engines.
Everything will be managed by a program that will give you a percentage of the orders that are placed on your site.
For more detailed information, please contact one of our business partner will show you the earning potential of our system, no operating cost and only sales strategy.

From 33 € to 548